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Maldon District Council

Maldon District Council is proud to be part of the North Essex Economic Board. Through this partnership we seek to support the economic recovery from Covid-19 and support our existing local businesses. NEEB ensures the needs and opportunities of our rural and costal community are recognised, addressed and seized. By working together with our neighbours Maldon District is stronger and more resilient.

More about Maldon:

Ideally located, close to London, major shipping ports and international airports, this corner of Essex provides more than a location. It is a place to be inspired, a community to be part of and a home for your business.

Maldon District has a strong history of innovation and offers great potential for economic growth. There is plenty of development happening in Maldon District: two garden suburbs, a new retail park and the potential of a new nuclear power station at Bradwell-on-Sea, all of which make it a productive and prosperous place to live, work and enjoy.

A rich natural and historic landscape

Maldon District is a predominantly rural area of Essex, covering 139 square miles. The District’s rich natural and historic landscape is dominated by the Blackwater and Crouch estuaries and extensive flat and undulating plains set against 70 miles of coastline. The District is home to over 64,000 people who live in the main towns of Maldon, Heybridge and Burnham on Crouch and scattered villages and hamlets.

Economically, the District is home to a growing mixture of businesses across the agricultural, manufacturing and service sectors, including specialist marine services. Agriculture, fishing and marine trades remain strong despite national trends with crops including wheat, grapes and hops, as well as oysters and salt being harvested and processed around the District into a range of culinary produce sold throughout the world. Our natural environment, our connection with the estuaries and sea, as well as our cultural and historic links to our past make the District an attractive place to explore and the area welcomes over four million visitors annually, making tourism incredibly important for the local economy.

Like other places, our communities are changing too, becoming more diverse and increasingly ageing. We do face challenges however, which we need to tackle with our partners in areas like social isolation, physical and mental health and well-being, housing needs, pockets of deprivation, as well as supporting our young people in getting the best start in life. We know our residents value the strong sense of community spirit and pride people take in our District and many of them take an active role in helping make it the supportive place it is to live and work.

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