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Delivering for North Essex

NEEB, with the support of Henham Strategy, has undergone a robust period of planning and development resulting in a new strategy. The strategy will be followed by the Delivering for North Essex action plan in early 2024. With its diverse urban, rural and coastal characteristics – differentiating the region from other parts of the country. This Delivering for North Essex plan has been founded upon four key strategic priorities:

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1. Innovative Businesses and Skilled Residents


A resilient and outward-facing economy that builds on its incumbent strengths and is positioned to deliver economic opportunities for North Essex’s residents and drive inward investment to support businesses within the region’s critical growth sectors.



2. A Green and High Growth Economy


A forward-looking economy that utilises the diversity of its resources in a sustainable way that furthers North Essex’s clean energy strengths, boosts growth, and promotes residents’ prosperity through net zero commitments.



3. A Dynamic and Connected Region


A well-connected and digitally linked region that provides residents with quick and reliable access to key services, encourages inward investment, and makes the most of ties to regional and international neighbours.



4. Prosperous and Inclusive Communities


A thriving and inclusive region where all residents and businesses have the opportunity to contribute and prosper, exemplifying the region as a great place to live, work and visit.



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Read the full strategy

The North Essex Economic Board (NEEB) is proud to present our ambitious North Essex vision, ready to collaborate with partners to seize the region’s significant
and diverse economic opportunities.


Here you can read the full strategy and learn more about how NEEB is supporting Businesses in North Essex.


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